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KC-Flash News Agent
A Client-Side Intelligent Information Agent
by WorldFlash Software, Inc.

  Key Features

The U.S. Army chose WorldFlash Software to help solve crucial problems of information overload that occur within the military command structure.

KC-Flash News Agent is a customer-driven reworking of our standard WorldFlash GOLD consumer-level IA software. It's currently in use at the Knowledge Center (KC) for the PEO-C3T: Program Executive Office, Command Control and Communications [Tactical]. This office is located in Fort Monmouth, N.J., and serves the tactical information needs of the entire U.S. Army.

Breaking News Alert Box

The U.S. Army made use of several standard features of our Enterprise software customisation schema. This included removal of certain features, including email checking, that were not compatible with their internal systems, and excising of specific "nonessential" news sources (e.g. Entertainment category).

We added ten additional news sources to the KCFlash product (see sidebar). The KC-Flash news sources appear in their own scrolling ticker, and can be set to "popup" when new headlines appear. Some of the news sources are public, while others are only available to military personel who have registered on-line and obtained the proper log-in credentials.

Clicking on the large "KC" logo takes the user to their Intranet home page (not accessible outside their internal LAN network). WorldFlash also supplied an HTML "help" program documentation page accessible directly from the client software.

Thus, KC-Flash successfully integrates "public" information sources with both "semi-public" sites (that require registration) and private Intranet news pages in the same convenient, customizable scrolling toolbar.

The KC-Flash software is owned by WorldFlash, and is licensed to the PEO-C3T office of the U.S. Army on a recurring (bi-yearly) basis.

This customer chose not to subscribe to our weekly reporting feature, which would compile a text summary of the many statistical measurements provided by the userbase.

  Program Specification

WorldFlash Box KC-Flash comprises 23K lines of "C" code, plus graphical elements and resources that compile to a 1Mbyte unified installation program. The software runs under any Windows operating system including Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP. We recommend 64Mbytes of system RAM and a video display capable of at least 1024 x 768 resolution. KC-Flash interfaces with Internet Explorer to display news stories and other related material.

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