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 Save Prefs


Help for Save Preferences Feature -- WorldFlash Gold: Help for Save Preferences Feature -- WorldFlash Gold:

  What is Save Preferences Feature?

The Save Preferences feature lets you save a copy of your current WorldFlash customization settings in a single compressed file located on our WorldFlash.com server. You can then retrieve these settings later, either when you install the software on a different computer, or if you need to re-install WorldFlash after a hard drive crash or system restore.   to top

  Who is allowed to use this feature?

You must have a valid registration code in order to use this feature. It is not available during the "Free Trial period". Also, when using this feature to restore your preference settings, you'll first need to enter and verify your registration code and email address.

This feature requires Windows 2000, XP or Vista, and the most recent version of the WorldFlash GOLD client software (version M6.67 or higher).   to top

  What Preferences are saved and retrieved?

Most of your customization settings, including Active news headlines sources, reordering, alerting options, and display options are saved. Also your stock quote list, RSS Feeds, weather cities and Keyword lists are saved. These options will be overwritten when you download an existing Preference file into your WorldFlash client.   to top

  What Preferences are NOT saved?

This feature, for security reasons, completely ignores your Email settings. The options under "Email" tab will not be saved or retrieved by this feature. Also, the list of headlines that you have clicked on during this session cannot be synchronized by this feature.   to top

  What is a "Master" for the purposes of this feature?

The "Master" checkbox indicates that you can both save and retrieve preferences from this registered WorldFlash program. If Master is not checked, you can only retrieve (download) preferences from the server. For example, if you have 3 computers running WorldFlash, one of them should be set as the Master, and the other two left as slaves. Multiple Masters is OK, however they can't share or synchronize their preference settings between them.

If you have all of your PCs set as Master, the WorldFlash clients will only save and retrieve their own individual preference settings (no synchronization between clients will occur).   to top

  How does using this feature affect my privacy?

WorldFlash Software, Inc. takes all reasonable steps to ensure that your preference settings, which are stored on our Web servers, do not become public or are otherwise compromised.

Because we don't store your Email account settings, the type of information that is contained in your preferences is generally not considered to be critical, however if you consider your Keyword list or other settings to be top secret, we recommend you avoid the use of this feature (you can always manually copy your settings from one computer to another).   to top

  Can I use this feature to retrieve my settings after a
  hard-disk crash or system restore?

Yes, assuming that you have previously saved your settings under the same registration code and registered email address, you should be able to restore your settings using these steps:

1) Install the "trial" version from this link.

2) After reinstalling, enter your registration code and registered email address (if you need assistance with the registration process see this page).

3) Now, restore your settings by bringing up Customize WorldFlash, Personal Info page, then click the Sync Prefs with Server button.   to top

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